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Dawn Tracz B.S.W. , R.S.W.

Approaches For Personal Growth



It’s a point or place where everything stops and is calm and quiet; in water it is the place in the very centre of a swirling eddy where there is pool of still and calm water. Within us it is a place in our core or centre that is calm and unaffected by the stress and daily challenges of the world. This place exists and lives within all of us and yet it can be hard to find to find and connect to especially if life experiences have not shown us ways to know ourselves or feel connected ourselves. When we are able to connect with our inner Stillpoint that inner place holds widom about who we are, what we need, knowing our instincts and understanding our needs.


We don’t always think about the idea that having a relationship with ourselves. Relationships are often something we have with other people. A relationship with ourself is probably the most important element in living our lives in ways that fulfill us and having the kind of relationships that love and nurture us. Having a relationship with yourself means knowing something about who you are and what is important to you. Life experiences and ways you have learned about how to cope or be in the world can make knowing who you are challenging. Small steps are important. Meditation can support you in making a stronger connection to yourself.

Suddenly deciding to mediate can be overwhelming however listening to a guided meditation that helps you become a little more connected to yourself could be really helpful. On our retreat and in our therapy work we do guided meditations that are focused on how to take small steps for individuals who want to begin building a relationship with themselves. I also make these meditations available.

Below is a short example of what a guided mediation is like.

Connect to Retreat Meditations:


“The intention of SoulCollage®: to offer a creative practice for exploring, healing and evolving …..so every Soul is able to manifest its unique SoulEssence in increasingly balanced and joy-filled forms.” ~ Seena Frost

SoulCollage® is a form of therapy which is based on art and collage.  Collage is a way to learn about yourself through pictures and symbols. Pictures and symbols hold ideas and can help us connect to wisdom within ourselves that is deeper than what our “thinking brain” or consciousness may be aware of.

We have relationships with our friends, families, and others in our lives, it is just as important to have a relationship with ourselves.  In the busy, on the go world we live in, sometimes it can feel that we are completing lists, always on the go and looking after the needs of everyone else.

SoulCollage® offers an opportunity to slow things down, to focus on where you are in life and explore where you want to go. It is a beautiful partnership between following your heart and discovering your soul and knowing your mind.

SoulCollage® is simple to do …. You just choose images from magazines.  No art experience is needed.  It’s a fun and gentle process which almost always surprises individuals with what they learn about themselves or answers they may find to questions they have about themselves and their lives. You will learn to make cards from images you choose and all materials that are provided.  You will also learn different ways to explore or read the cards you make so you can use the cards to reflect on life’s questions. SoulCollage® can help you deepen your understanding of your world (self, others, community, dreams).


Personalized Yoga Support

Dawn Tracz is a qualified yoga teacher RYT200. She is experienced teaching yoga in group settings and as individualized meetings (private or semi-private). Yoga has been practiced for over 5000 years to support individuals to make positive and healthful choices for themselves. The practices encourage self-reflection and self-regulation, both processes can assist you to overcome difficult circumstances. Research supports Yoga to help manage depression, anxiety, and grief. Pairs’ yoga can encourage attunement between the dyad and encourage playfulness and acceptance between partners. Sessions can be booked sporadically or at regular intervals. The true benefit from Yoga occurs when it is a practiced on a regular basis, either independently or with the support of a qualified teacher.

Energy Healing & Mindfulness

Sometimes our personal history can make both life & parenting harder than it needs to be. Our behaviours, coping skills, approaches in relationships and our ability to take care of & soothe ourselves are learned and formed from experiences of when we were young and some may have occurred before we can remember them. Energy healing and specific approaches using mindfulness, visualizations and other meditations can be helpful for children & adults to let go of emotions and experiences that are not helping them enjoy themselves or relationships or to succeed in life. We all hold answers and wisdom within ourselves and energy healing is an approach that allows an individual to become more connected to their personal inner strengths and wisdom. This can allow for a different connection within themselves that is calmer and allows for more ease in life.