Centre for Connections
Dawn Tracz B.S.W. , R.S.W.

Were you adopted when you at least 6 years old? If so you may qualify to participate in a new study about adoption.

Why? We don’t know much about what it’s like to have relationships with both adoptive and birth family at the same time and we need to understand more about this. It is especially important now because Children’s Aid Societies and the Government of Ontario believe it is in children’s best interest to be in permanent placements, instead of foster care, while maintaining relationships with birth family, when at all possible. I want to learn how to best support people who are living in their situations.

What will you have to do? You will be asked to meet twice with the researcher with the option of participating in a a focus group at the end. You will be asked to create photographic images that remind you of your relationships and then you will describe these images in your own words. You can decide what you share and how your share it. Your responses will be kept confidential.

I (Dawn Tracz) am a student at Wilfrid Laurier working towards the completion of an MSW degree. This research is being supervised by Nancy Freymond, Phd. and she can be reached at nfreymond@wlu.ca. If you want to learn more about this research contact me, Dawn Tracz at dawntracz@gmail.com or trac6510@mylaurier.ca.