Centre for Connections
Dawn Tracz B.S.W. , R.S.W.


  • Parent support by phone, email, Skype or in person for parents who are parenting children with attachment challenges, behaviour issues or other challenges.
  • Attachment therapy for children and parents to provide support in attachment and repair of unhealthy attachment patterns.
  • Thera-Play®.
  • Couple counselling for adults & couples who are experiencing difficulties within a relationship.
  • Trauma-focused therapy to address and resolve present or past traumas for children or adults.
  • Mindfulness and energy-based healing approaches for enhanced well being or to resolve attachment or early childhood abandonment or trauma.
  • Yoga & Meditation.
  • SoulCollage® Workshops and Retreats for personal growth.
  • Parenting with P.A.C.E.


Connect With Yourself, Connect With Others …. Find Joy And Calm Within Yourself And Your Relationships